New Reception Classroom…

The Reception children have been trying out their new classroom today with the staff. They have a lovely new large classroom to work and learn in.

They will continue to spend some time over in their new classroom over the next couple of days and hopefully will move in fully on Wednesday 21st October.

Here are some photos of the children sat in their ‘Tidy Stations.’

I’m sure the children will have many hours of great learning in their new classroom!

Mrs. Starkey

IMG_0042IMG_0043 IMG_0044 IMG_0045 IMG_0046

The International Primary Curriculum

Thank you to the parents who attended the IPC workshops last week that Miss. Shepherd held to explain how our new curriculum works. We have had some very positive feedback.
” It was interesting to know more about the new curriculum and seeing work on display”
Parent of child in Year 3

” Meeting went great!. A real eye opener into how my son will grow and learn throughout the term and year, very pleased.”
Parent of Year 1 child

” I think having all the areas linked with one topic is a great way of getting the children to learn new skills and remember what they are learning about.”
Parent who attended the curriculum workshop.

Don’t worry if you were unable to attend we will try to have another workshop next half term.